Registration Information for the IOT/SETC Auditions

Dear Theatre Educator:


The Institute of Outdoor Theatre Auditions, managed by SETC will take place at the Greensboro College campus in Greensboro, NC on Saturday, January 13, 2018 of the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  IOT auditions are open to all outdoor and indoor theatres hiring for the coming season.  You will see some new names and faces this year, but the auditions will be run in very similar fashion to years past.


The details about the auditions for auditionees, stage combatants and technicians, and hiring theatres are on the IOT website at https://www.outdoor-theatre.org/auditions/ . Please note: the application link will not be live until Wednesday, December 6, 2017 at Noon.  Auditionees will have only two weeks in which to register by the deadline of Noon December 20th, or until all slots are filled.


We will accept the first 225 to complete the online registration process. This requires online submission/payment of the application which includes the headshot, education and experience details, AND the reference. 


Please inform your actors/technicians that the application process takes time to complete and they should begin the process as early as possible.


We would very much appreciate your forwarding of this email to your acting, singing, dancing, technical students, stage combatants and faculty.


In addition, our marketing manager Clay Thornton will email you flyers this week to post on your respective callboards, and so that you may forward those along to other interested parties.


And although registrations officially close December 20, 2017, in recent years these auditions were sold out well before that deadline, so please share this information as soon as possible.


The application fee is $50 for auditionees.  There are many hotels in the area and auditionees should find reasonable rates at many sites.


Thanks very much for helping us reach as many of your students as possible. Any questions should be directed to april@setc.org .


April J’Callahan Marshall

Director, SETC/IOT Professional Theatre Services



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