Recent MTA Events

Thank you “all” for your help with the coordination and participation in the secondary / community theatre workshop that was held at Tupelo Community Theatre. It was a great two day event that showcased Dex Edwards and his prop making and painting expertise! It was a treat not to be missed. Rusty Scafidel was incredible with the light workshop, Greg Pirkle simplified the legal side of theatre, and Ken Bolinsky showed us how easy it is to be involved in Poetry Out Loud. Tupelo Community Theatre also had an “incredible” production of Crowns! Congratulations to the cast and crew of the production!

Thank you also for your participation with the recent Town Hall meeting in Ocean Springs. It was a fun networking opportunity hosted by Sandra Campor at Ocean Springs High School, and Ken Bolinsky took time once again to bring Poetry Out Loud center stage.

We are having a great year! Break-a-leg at dramafest! MTA Festival will be here before we know it!

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