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MTA 2020 Awards – Ten Minute Festival

Congratulations to the Ten Minute Play Festival winners!

“The Animal House”
Theme: Stage Fright

All Star Cast:
Caitlyn Johnson
Charlotte Germany
Campbell Duease

Best Technical Excellence:
Wes Thomas

Best Playwright:
Lucy Elbert

Best Ensemble:
Therapy Thursday- Taylor McIlwain, William Mask, Campbell Duease, Makayla Smith, Lucy Elbert, Kinsey Nicholson

Best Director:
Taylor McIlwain

Best Actor:
William Mask

Best Actress:
Makayla Smith

Best Play:
A Very Punk Rock Play- Hensley Moulder, William Dodge, Benson Le, Rett Stanley, Brianna Hobson, Caitlyn Johnson

A Very Punk Rock Play:
Hensley Moulder, Director (JA)
William Dodge, Playwright (NWR)
Benson Le, Tech (Starkville)
Brianna Hobson (NWR), Rett Stanley (JA), Caitlin Johnson (JA)- Actors

Therapy Thursday:
Taylor McIlwain, Director (Starkville)
Lucy Elfert, Playwright (JA)
Kinsey Nicholson, Tech (NWR)
William Mask (NWR), Campbell Duease (JA), Makayla Smith (Starkville)- Actors

Delusions of Orangutans:
Makayla Fleming, Director (NWR)
Grant Peterson, Playwright (Starkville)
Wes Thomas, Tech (JA)
Brady McNutt (Starkville), Cooper Shell (Starkville), Charlotte Germany (NWR)- Actors

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