Location of 2009 Festival Announced

The Mississippi Theatre Association is pleased to announce that Natchez Little Theatre and the City of Natchez will host the 2009 MTA statewide theatre.  After touring facilities and visiting with NLT’s Executive Director, various Board members and City Council members, the MTA Executive Committee decided to accept Natchez’s invitation. The festival will be held January 15-18, 2009.

The Secondary and Community Theatre Festivals will be held in the City Auditorium while the College/University Auditions and the Theatre for Youth Festival will be held in Natchez Little Theatre. The Historic Eola Hotel’s Ballrooms will provide a venue for the 10-Minute Play Festival and a local school will provide an excellent location for the Individual Events. Many of these facilities are within walking distance of one another which make the City and even more attractive location for our festival. While you are in Natchez attending the 2009 Festival we hope that you will visit many of the historic homes in the area.  Who knows – there might even be a social at one of the homes.

Natchez Little Theatre’s Executive Director, Layne Taylor, has done a remarkable job of presenting Natchez as the perfect venue for the 2009 Festival.  Natchez, one of the state’s oldest community theatres, is celebrating its 61 season and is a major tourist attraction for the City of Natchez.

With the location finally settled, additional festival information will be posted on the MTA website over the next several weeks.

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