Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser Speaks

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of hearing Michael Kaiser speak at the MSU Riley center about the state of the arts during these difficult economic times. As part of his 50 state tour Kaiser is listening to others as well as emphasizing the importance of the arts. Accordig to Kaiser arts related income is down about 6 % for most arts organizaions. while income is down Kaiser stressed the importance of not decreasing programming. he notes that the tendancy is to cut back especially in marketing but it is critical to ontinue to provide high quality programming and a strong and clear marketing strategy. Organizations need to be clever and cutting edge in identifying the best ways to market to their existing and potential customers. He noted that arts organizations are resilient and most continue to push forward or risk losing ground.

Suggested reading… “The Art of the Turnaround: Creating and Maintaining Healthy Arts Organizations”.

Stephen Cunetto

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