1. What is Dramafest? Dramafest is a regional contest for high schools to participate in. It is generally held the first weekend in December each year. Northern schools compete at Mississippi State University and southern schools compete at The University of Southern Mississippi. The top 4 – 5 schools from each region will advance to the state theatre festival (MTA) in January.
  2. What is MTA? http://www.mta-online.org/about-us/
  3. What is the MTA Festival? It is the annual theatre festival held each year, traditionally on Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend. The festival runs Thursday – Sunday and includes: Jr / Sr Auditions, Secondary Festival, Community Theatre Festival, 10 Minute Play Festival, Theatre for Youth, Playwriting, Individual Events for Youth and Adults, Workshops, Socials, Awards Banquets, Keynote Speakers, and more…
  4. What does a MTA Membership include? Inclusion as a part of the state’s theatre advocacy organization, listing on the MTA theatre website, automatic membership as part of the Arts Action Network, window membership decal, and more benefits are in the works…
  5. Can I advertise my theatre’s season through MTA? Yes. E-mail your theatre’s season to MSTheatrecalendar@gmail.com and your season will be added to the MTA online theatre calendar
  6. How can MTA help my community theatre? MTA hosts workshops, conference calls, festivals and socials throughout the year to provide educational and social opportunities. MTA also assists with advocacy efforts, assists with boosting your publicity and more.
  7. What is SETC? The Southeastern Theatre Conference is the regional theatre conference of which MTA is a part. Top placing high schools and community theatres advance to the SETC festival each year. https://www.setc.org/
  8. What is AACT? The American Association of Community Theatres. AACT provides a wealth of resources to community theatres. On odd years top placing community theatres at SETC have an opportunity to advance to the AACT festival https://aact.org/
  9. How can my college / university participate with MTA? Colleges and Universities can participate by providing college Dream Team Members, auditioning / recruiting high school juniors / seniors at the annual festival, staff volunteering serving in board positions with MTA, participating in Theatre for Youth, participating in Adult Individual Events, participating in the adult Playwriting Festival, etc…
  10. Can I come as an individual to the MTA Festival? Yes. Individuals can register at https://fs17.formsite.com/scunetto/form218526407/index.html
  11. What does Theatre for Youth mean and who is it for? Theatre for Youth is theatre that is presented to and for young audiences. Participants in the festivals can include: Youth Theatres, High School Theatres, Community Theatres, Colleges / Universities, and Professional Theatres. There is a place for everyone in the Theatre for Youth Festival.
  12. What areas can I participate in the festival as an individual? Individuals can attend productions, workshops, and socials. Individuals can also participate in the Individual Events Festival and the Playwriting Festival.
  13. How can I get involved in helping with the Festival? Contact Executive Director, Stacy Howell at execdir@mta-online.org , or President, Juniper Wallace at juniper.wallace@rcsd.ms.