This directory contains unpublished scripts from Mississippi playwights. These scripts were submitted to the Mississippi Theatre Association’s Playwriting Competition. Scripts will be added to this directory each year as a means of sharing the works of these Mississippi playwrights. Contact the author if you are interested in reading or producing one of these scripts. If you are a Mississippi playwright, consider submitting your script to our annual competition.

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Competition YearDivisionCompetition Award TypePlay TitlePlay DescriptionCharactersPlaywrightPlaywright Contact Info
2010 Adult If You Didnt Do It, Then Who Martha Carole Jones
2010 Youth Love Notes Love Notes is a one-act play about art, romance, youthfulness, and the unexpected beauty that comes with following the natural course of life. The main characters are Nina and Alleghany, both of whom are high school students and best friends. Naiemah Brown
2010 Youth 1st Place Winner His and Hers Roland and Susan are the quintessential power couple. They have good careers, friends, and an apartment, but they arent happy. Throughout the play their subconsiouses, named His and Hers, fight and say everything to each other that Roland and Susan should Steven Mockler
2010 Adult Half-Life Mick, a part-time waiter and busboy, is a man down-on-his-luck, but the situation was not always this way. What could have befallen such a once promising you man? Will he ever regain the rich, full life he once took for granted? Angela D. Ward
2010 Youth 3rd Place Winner Forgotten Eugene, an Alzheimers patient is trapped inside his own mind. He must battle daily to try and free himself. Stephanie Grammar
2010 Youth 2nd Place Winner Duality New York Times Best Selling Author, Stephen Kopek, is currently working on his new book. However, he finds it extremely difficult to concentrate as he is confronted by severe, recurring nightmares of a tragic childhood memory. Frankee T. Harris
2009 Adult The Friend Zone Willie Mitchell III
2010 Adult D Young, first time writer Graham is torn over artistic freedom and family ties as he is faced with decisions concerning his future. Miles Beard
2009 Adult The Bingo Game The play is set in the activities room of a mental hospital in Mississippi. We have the activities director and five male patients playing their weekly bingo game. As expected it is a chaotic scene with five very destinct characters vying for the attenti Amy Bain
2009 Adult 1st Place Winner See Jane Quit See Jane. Jane is a chain-smoking, single, thirty-year-old waitress living with her aging-Southern-belle grandmother, Bessie. But her lifes not so bad - she has a calm, sweet big brother named James; her brother's wife, Diane, is her best friend; and there's finally a new romantic prospect in Jane's life: social activist Charles. The picture is pretty rosy - until, as Murphy's Law would have it, the day Jane decides to quit smoking. Her family is thrilled to hear the news... unfortunately, each of them has an upsetting secret they need to share with her, but now none of them want to stress her out and give her the excuse to light up. When the secrets start mounting, we get to see Jane's friends and family trip their way through a classic farce, all in the name of helping Jane quit smoking. Beth Kander
2009 Adult Reunion Reunion describes middle-aged Martha Janes return to her hometown for a class reunion. She also has expectations of having another kind of reunion with Tommy, her long-ago first love. She is anxious to see if Tommy and her husband, Leslie, look alike. Martha Carole Jones
2009 Adult New Roman Comedy Karon Davis
2009 Youth 3rd Place Winner My First Love After the death of Chriss mother, he becomes more of an alcoholic. His wife, Lori, tries to help him with his problems. Old tensions between Chris and his brother Reuben resurface because Reuben was Loris former boyfriend until he left town because of a job offer. Lori gets advice from her friends Brittany Womack
2009 Youth 2nd Place Winner Moving Out on Tuesday Moving Out on Tuesday is a family comedy about a lonely teenager worried that no one loves her as she gets shuffled around one summer while her parents divorce. She ends up moving into the quirky side of her family--her Aunt Honey and her aunts mother. Patti Brummett
2009 Adult Memories In a futuristic society, there is a power controlling all of its subjects. This power is called Socie. They take away all forms of expression, love, and happiness. Two children, each honing extraordinary Gifts, accidently meet and become instant friends. Heather Bourque
2009 Adult 3rd Place Winner In the Garden Megan Morrison
2009 Adult Lost in Ifugao Lost in Ifugao centers around Tessa Duvall, a young woman struggling to cope with the traumatic death of her boyfriend while both were Peace Corps volunteers. Although she was once outgoing and ambitious, she now finds herself unable to leave her apartment. Angela Ward
2009 Youth Echoes of Merridy Told in fairytale style inspired by Hans Christian Anderson, "Echoes of Merridy" follows a young, lonely woman with a beautiful singing voice. Her music had enthralled all the fairies in the surrounding hills, but after Merridy's loneliness consumes her desire to sing, the fairies revert back to their old, deceiving ways. Lecea, a beautiful and terrible queen, tries to cure Merridy's unhappiness by bestowing a child upon her, giving only one command: wash the baby's face every night with fairy water, but never touch it herself. Decades past, and Merridy's memory faded. She had many happy years with her fairy child. But one night, gazing at her wrinkled face, Merridy thought that the fairy water might make her younger, since it kept her son so beautiful. She splashed it on her face and consequently in her eyes - and suddenly she could see all the fairies previously invisible to her! They tore at her hair and clothes and took Aurum, her child, in their arms - when Lecea appeared. She threatened to take Aurum away because Merridy deceived her, laughing derisively that she had given up riches and immortality all because she wanted youth, but the now middle-aged woman cried out that her son was more important to her than any riches. At the end of the play, Lecea decides that Merridy deserves her son for being so selfless - but it is too late. Merridy is on her deathbed, because fairy time passes so much more slowly than mortal. Merridy passes away while her son lives forever, a fairy. Jules Wood
2009 Adult Crosses Crosses is what I call a "melodramedy" satirizing elements of Protestant fundmentalism in the Deep South. Kevan Jenner Brown
2009 Youth 1st Place Winner Blame the Fool Blame the Fool is written in a modern - shakespearean voice. It takes place in the 1600s. In the play, Scott wishes nothing more in life than to be with Lea, however, Lea wishes nothing more in life than to be with Scotts married brother, Anthony. Kristen Bankston