WINGS Performing Arts Presents Carnevale! A Night of Improv!

WINGS Performing Arts of the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center proudly presents its annual Dinner/ Dessert Theatre production of “Carnivale!”

Join WINGS High School Senior Ensemble in this hilarious comedic romp through the world of Commedia del’ arte. The Carnivale performance is based on a set schema, or scenario—a basic plot, often a familiar story, upon which the actors improvise their dialogue. The actors are at liberty to tailor a performance for their audiences. This classic comedic style is the foundation of situation comedy and the origin of slapstick.

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Location of 2009 Festival Announced

The Mississippi Theatre Association is pleased to announce that Natchez Little Theatre and the City of Natchez will host the 2009 MTA statewide theatre.  After touring facilities and visiting with NLT’s Executive Director, various Board members and City Council members, the MTA Executive Committee decided to accept Natchez’s invitation. The festival will be held January 15-18, 2009.

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