Dr. Dominic J. Cunetto

Dr. Dominic J. Cunetto

Dr. Dominic J. Cunetto was originally from St. Louis, Missouri where he received his B.A.from Washington University with a major in theatre. He also attended the University of Florida where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. in theatre. While in Florida he taught at Terry Parker H.S., Cardinal Mooney H.S., and St. Petersburg Junior College. In 1963 he accepted a position at Mississippi State University where he initiated the theatre program.

He developed and taught courses in theatre, directed over 80 plays, and was the Founder of the First Statewide High School Drama Festival in 1963. He was been a long time member of M.T.A., and has served as Treasurer, Secretary, Vice President, President, and S.E.T.C. State Representative. He is presently serving as historian.

He has received awards for his work in theatre from Washington University, University of Florida, and Mississippi State University.

In 1988 Cunetto was awarded the Cowboy Maloney Award “for his outstanding contributions to the Mississippi Theatre Association.” He retired from MSU in 1991 when the theatre in McComas Hall was completed. In that same year at MTA’s Convention Dr. Cunetto was bestowed with the honor of having the winner of the State High School Drama Festival named “The Dominic Cunetto Award for Best Production.”

Award Winners

46 Records Found
YearWriterDirectorTheatre AffiliationNotes
1993 Corinth High School
1992 Starkville High School
1991 Washington High School Winner, SETC
1990 Gulfport High School
1988 Washington High School
1987 Washington High School
1986 Starkville High School
1985 Gulfport High School
1984 Mercy Cross High School
1983 Washington High School
1982 Lafayette High School
1981 Long Beach High School
1980 Oxford High School
1979 Southaven High School
1978 Callaway High School Winner, SETC
1977 Callaway High School
1976 Callaway High School
1975 Warren Central High School
1974 Tupelo High School
1973 Warren Central High School