The Cowboy Maloney Award is awarded by the Board of Directors to the individual who has added significantly to the successful operation of MTA through actions that are noteworthy for their positive image, regional recognition, long tenure, program establishment, and/or administrative service, rather than for their personal gain.

Award Winners

21 Records Found
YearWinner's NameTheatre Affiliation
2015 William "Peppy" Biddy Mississippi University for Women
2013 Obra Quave William Carey University
2012 Wayne and Jo Durst Mississippi State University
2011 Tonya Hays WINGS Discovery Center
2006 Shannon Robert William Carey College
2003 Ronnie Miller Meridian Community College
2002 Jerry Bangham
2001 Larry Mullican University of Southern MIssissippi
2000 Tim and Sonya Bixler Delta Center Stage
1998 Hoagan Bramlett
1997 R. B. Hill University of Southern MIssissippi
1994 Blaine Quarnstrom University of Southern MIssissippi
1989 Dominic J. Cunetto Mississippi State University
1988 Kathryn Lewis
1987 Denise Halbach
1986 Charles Lembright
1985 Ruth Liveakos
1984 Margaret and Tom Sawyer
1983 Dick Strahan
1981 The Sheffields

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