Three classes of membership are available:

  • Student Membership     $15.00
    Available to students regularly enrolled in educational institutions such as high schools, colleges and universities, and professional theatre schools
  • Individual Membership     $25.00
  • Organizational Membership     $60.00
    Available to active theatre groups, including but not limited to those in high schools, colleges and universities, professional theatres, and community theatres

Advantages to Membership:

  • Participation (with payment of registration fees) in the annual MTA convention, a three day festival of theatrical productions, workshops, and social events;
  • Free advertising of your theatre’s season on this Web site, including a link to your home page;
  • Discounted prices for workshops;
  • Access to a Calendar of Events page for your theatre.
  • Membership to Americans for the Arts

To learn more about MTA membership, download the MTA 2021 Brochure.

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