Mission: To foster appreciation and participation in theatre.

Vision Statement: A Mississippi where art is valued through the power of theatre.

Motto: Mississippi Does Great Theatre (Credit goes to Denise Halbach)


Values: ACE

Advocate – To publicly support or recommend a particular cause or policy.

Communicate – Share or exchange information, news, or ideas.

Educate – To train by formal instruction, and supervised practice especially in a trade, skill, or profession.


Overall Goals:

  • Acting as an advocate to government agencies, businesses and the public.
  • Sponsoring festivals, workshops, and networking opportunities.
  • Communicating with members and the public.
  • Recognizing excellence in performance and production.
  • Sanctioning representatives to regional festivals.


Founded in the mid-1950s as the Mississippi Little Theatre Association, the Mississippi Theatre Association was restructured in the early 1970s. In the past, the Association served primarily as a sanctioning organization for the Mississippi theatre festivals and conventions under the aegis of the Southeastern Theatre Conference, the American Association of Community Theatres and the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival (SETC, AACT and MTA/KC/ACTF as they are more widely known). Today, MTA includes workshops, auditions, and scholarship programs for high school students; workshops for community theatre members; and much more.

Executive Director Stacy Howell serves as a central point of contact for the MTA.


Harassment Policy

Non Discrimination Policy