Registration for the 2019 Festival College / University Auditions

The College/University Auditions is an opportunity for colleges and universities to audition high school juniors and seniors as well as community college students planning to transfer to another institution. The fee for participating is $75. This includes the audition process, entry to all festival productions, workshops, socials and the awards ceremony.

MTA Theatre Festival — January 17-20, 2019 — MSU Riley Center — Meridian, MS

Institutions interested in attending the auditions can send two representatives to participate in the process.

**New for 2019** Students will have 60 second to perform a monologue and 90 second to perform a monologue plus a musical selection.  After the auditions are complete, each institution will provide feedback to the entire group of students providing general comments on what they saw. Students performing a musical selection must bring marked sheet music as they will be using an accompanist. CDs, MP3s, etc… will “not” be allowed this year. 

Auditions may consist of: Acting- sixty (60) seconds or Acting & Singing- presented at the same time ninety (90) seconds. An audition accompanist is provided.

Sheet music in the correct key (the pianist will not transpose / no lead sheets) and preferably mounted on something stiff must be provided by auditionee (see note below*.)

MARK your music, indicating where you are beginning and ending, any changes or cuts made and make sure to tell the accompanist if you are singing or acting first. If you are acting first, right the last line of your monologue in the music so the accompanist will know when to begin.

Recorded accompaniment and a capella singing are not permitted.

*Mounting your music on something stiff makes things so much easier for the accompanist and is what is requested in most audition settings. The easiest thing to use is a manila file folder, I have provided photo/video examples. 

There will be a brief break after the auditions but before the group feedback sessions for the college/university representatives to make a list of their top 10-15 auditionees that they would like to call back.  This will provide the college/university representatives to speak with their most desired student prospects at a designated time.

Students interested in auditions should review the registration information.

If you have any questions regarding auditions, contact College University Division Chair Keone Fuqua at or Vice Chair, Sadie Shannon at

Host a Workshop:

If you would like to conduct a workshop during the MTA Festival — register here.