COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

Below are a variety of resources that can be beneficial to theatre programs across the state, during this time. Many of the resources offer additional resources, webinars, and support groups.

If you have any questions, or if you have additional resources to add, please let us know!

MTA COVID-19 Teacher Support Group – On Facebook

MTA COVID-19 Community Theatre Support Group – On Facebook

Mississippi Presenters Network 

Mississippi Arts Commission 

American Association of Community Theatre 

Americans for the Arts 

Arts Action Fund

MTA 2020-2021 Playwriting Festival Is Open

MTA 2020-2021 Playwriting Festival Is Open

The MTA 2020-2021 Playwriting Festival is open!

Visit the Playwriting Festival page for more information.


MTA 2020 Awards – Ten Minute Festival

MTA 2020 Awards – Ten Minute Festival

Congratulations to the Ten Minute Play Festival winners!

“The Animal House”
Theme: Stage Fright

All Star Cast:
Caitlyn Johnson
Charlotte Germany
Campbell Duease

Best Technical Excellence:
Wes Thomas

Best Playwright:
Lucy Elbert

Best Ensemble:
Therapy Thursday- Taylor McIlwain, William Mask, Campbell Duease, Makayla Smith, Lucy Elbert, Kinsey Nicholson

Best Director:
Taylor McIlwain

Best Actor:
William Mask

Best Actress:
Makayla Smith

Best Play:
A Very Punk Rock Play- Hensley Moulder, William Dodge, Benson Le, Rett Stanley, Brianna Hobson, Caitlyn Johnson

A Very Punk Rock Play:
Hensley Moulder, Director (JA)
William Dodge, Playwright (NWR)
Benson Le, Tech (Starkville)
Brianna Hobson (NWR), Rett Stanley (JA), Caitlin Johnson (JA)- Actors

Therapy Thursday:
Taylor McIlwain, Director (Starkville)
Lucy Elfert, Playwright (JA)
Kinsey Nicholson, Tech (NWR)
William Mask (NWR), Campbell Duease (JA), Makayla Smith (Starkville)- Actors

Delusions of Orangutans:
Makayla Fleming, Director (NWR)
Grant Peterson, Playwright (Starkville)
Wes Thomas, Tech (JA)
Brady McNutt (Starkville), Cooper Shell (Starkville), Charlotte Germany (NWR)- Actors

MTA 2020 Awards – Community Theatre

MTA 2020 Awards – Community Theatre

Theatres in Mississippi

The Mississippi Theatre Association is composed of six divisions targeting distinct groups. Each division sponsors festivals, workshops, and retreats; recognizes excellence in performance and production; advises theatre leaders and educators; shares information on upcoming productions; and advocates to government agencies, business, and the public.

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MTA’s annual statewide festival brings Mississippi’s best theatre to local communities. Join us for a spectacular weekend of dynamic workshops and amazing performances.

The Mississippi Theatre Association seeks to recognize those theatres and individuals that represent exemplary service to the organization and to theatre in Mississippi.

MTA awards a scholarship during the MTA Festival to a deserving high-school senior who intends to pursue a degree in theatre at a Mississippi college or university.